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ILBBQS - Illinois BBQ Society - BBQ Competition Recognizing Body

BCS - Barbeque Championship Series - BBQ Competition Sanctioning Body

Interested in joining our
Grill Sergeants Team?

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Interested in joining our
Grill Sergeants Team?

Let Us Know!


Rend Lake, Illinois - July 1 & 2, 2011

  with Grill Sergeant: Jim Rhino of Bandit BBQ


"In the Heat of Battle" Competition BBQ Boot Camp

Would like to learn secrets of Competition BBQ Cooking?

This experience is sold to get your name on the list!JOIN A PRO TEAM!

As of 03/01/2011 we have
Only 0 Spots Left!

Here is a rare opportunity for you to have an ALL ACCESS 'Backstage' Pass to join a professional, and award winning, competition team for SANCTIONED BARBEQUE CONTEST LIKE THOSE YOU'VE SEEN ON TELEVISION!

This contest just may feature a virtual Who's Who in Competition Barbeque.Kansas City BBQ Society - The World's Largest BBQ Competition Sanctioning Body

This Nationally Recognized Competition is sanctioned by the
Kansas City BBQ Society and will have some of THE BEST TEAMS! 

Joining our team for your very own Competition 'Boot Camp' for this contest may also give you the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names on the International Barbeque Circuit...and perhaps some you have seen on National Television!

This rare opening to experience a no-holds-barred competition encounter is only available to a handful of hardcore barbeque enthusiasts!  From Set-Up to Tear-Down, Meat Selection to Preparation and Cooking Techniques for Pork Butt, Chicken, Pork Ribs, and Beef Brisket...You'll have an exclusive behind-the-scenes, inside look at ALL the 'what-for', 'why', and 'how-to' of the Professional Competition Barbeque World!

This is a Hands-On Experience!

You will get the opportunity to help prep the meats for competition, decide on which cuts make it to the Certified BBQ Judges, and share in the glory of any 'calls' we may receive...YOU'LL BE PART OF THE TEAM!

This "In the Heat of Battle" Competition Boot Camp experience is limited to just six to eight people (recruits) per contest and is only $325/person or $595/couple.

Price includes all eats and non-alcoholic beverages (this is a BYOB event, but if you bring alcohol, feel free to bring enough to share with the rest of the team) for the duration of the contest, 'Pit Passes' to Access All Areas of our Cook Site, an Official Bandit BBQ Crew T-Shirt, Certificate of Survival, and All the Insider's Secrets of what has helped us to be so successful on the National Competition Barbecue Circuit!

Don't Delay! 

First Come,
First Served!

As of 03/01/2011 we have
Only 0 Spots Left!

Congrats to New Recruits!


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As soon as your application is reviewed, one of our crew members will get in touch with you.  Should you have immediate questions, please Contact Us before this BBQ Boot Camp fills up.

What to bring:

  • Yourself

  • Notebook, Pen or Pencil & Camera (Video Equipment is Not Allowed.)

  • Change of Clothes (Be prepared for inclement sometimes happens.)

  • Lawn Chair (There will be plenty of relaxation time...this is a HIGHLY social event.)

  • Cot, Blanket, Pillow (If not staying in a hotel/motel. Yes, you'll be allowed to get some sleep.)

  • Beverages of Choice (Alcohol Allowed. We'll provide bottled water & coffee)

  • Small Cooler for 'leftovers'


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Interested in joining The BBQ Boot Camp?  Let Us Know!


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