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2009 Recruits - Murphysboro, Illinois - The BBQ Boot Camp

Inaugural class of Recruits in Murphysboro, Illinois


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The BBQ Boot Camp Grill Sergeants

Bandit BBQ Crew

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Recognizing Bodies:

ILBBQS - Illinois BBQ Society - BBQ Competition Recognizing Body

BCS - Barbeque Championship Series - BBQ Competition Sanctioning Body

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the heat of battle, and
behind the scenes of an award winning competition barbeque team?

Have you watched those contests on TLC, Discovery Channel, or
The Food Network
, and wondered how in the world their
barbeque looks and tastes so amazingly good?


Now is your chance to Join A Multi-Award Winning, and
Nationally Ranked, Competition BBQ Team
for a No-Holds-Barred,
All-Access Competition Barbecue Experience!

Our Grill Sergeants have MULTIPLE Grand Champion &
Reserve Grand Champion Trophies between them, with an
impressive 60+ Top 10 Finishes in the last 3 years!

"I attended a Rhino boot camp last summer in Illinois.  You are in the middle of a real competition in real time.  You see everything that is done and how it is done.  Jim will answer any and all questions and allow some "hands on" as well. No secrets.  In addition he is open, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, a proven winner and entertaining.   You will start the day before in preparation.  You will sleep on site if you desire or leave and come back the morning of the competition, your choice.  You will get value for your investment.  If competition is your goal, this is not only an excellent venue, it is the only one of its kind that I know of.  He will even feed you along the way but bring your own beer!" ~ Dennis M., Arizona (Rend Lake, IL Contest - 07/02/10)

"As one of the recruits in the Bandit BBQ Team, I wanted to thank Jim Rhino and all the other recruits for an educational and exciting experience.  I have competed in BBQ events in the past and have never been called in a single category.  The BBQ Bandit team was called in all four competition categories yesterday and we finished fourth overall.  We were even called in the tailgate competition.  When I reviewed what I had learned with my family last night, my 15 year old summarized it up pretty well.  "It looks like we only knew about 80% of what we were doing in the past competitions."  Now that we know how to be competitive, we can't wait for the next competition.  Thanks again Jim." ~ Steve T. (Rock Springs, AZ Contest - 01/29/11)

"As newbies in the world of competition, Cheri and I learned so much Jim, for putting this boot camp on. If anyone is thinking of getting into this, find someone that is doing a boot camp, hope that person is half as good at the boot camp as Jim is, you will learn a lot. When we all started we were all a bit reserved but as time went on we all came together. Thank you to John, Dave, Double Dee, George, Jeremy, Charlie, and Tony, the other recruits. A big THANK YOU to Jerry, letting us use your smoker. If Jim plans on coming back to the Phoenix area for an event, I'll be there...Thanks, again to everyone" ~ Bob & Cheri S. (Rock Springs, AZ Contest - 01/29/11)

"Just want to say what a pleasure it was to meet all the people that came to Rhino's Boot Camp. We met as strangers and all left as friends. That is what BBQ is all about. Hope to see you down the road especially at a competition. If I'm ever competing and you see me. You better stop in and at least say Hi." Jerry H. (Rock Springs, AZ Contest - 01/29/11)

"Jim, as an outsider looking in, I have to say, you and your BBQ Boot Camp were a HUGE Success.  I just wish I had more free time so I could have joined you.  I really enjoyed seeing you run it, you had so much positive energy and really showed all your Boot Camp Crew what BBQ Comps are all about.  HAVING FUN!!!  I was excited to see all of you at the Midnight Appetizer Party.  It's something we do here in Arizona and are very proud of.  BBQ comps are all about having fun, making new friends and enjoying the art of BBQing.  You certainly showed that (to) your Boot Camp crew and I can see that they are all hooked now.  I truly look forward to seeing them all out at future events and hope that we see you back out here again soon.  You have a standing invitation to any of our events.  Great finally meeting you.  Look forward to seeing you again soon." ~ Mike Reimann, Contest Organizer / Founder of the BCS

"I had a great time.  I'm still bragging to my friends and neighbors!  They are so lucky to know a Bar-B-Q Champion like me.  I have told them the Team we had was like the Navy Seals are to the ROTC. I know the competition was only yesterday but I couldn't wait to start grilling.  I made chicken today for wifie and I. I figured six pieces would be enough, she ate four! so it looks like we have just permanently decided to cook chicken once a week.  I also went by the local Bar-B-Q store (BBQ Island, Inc.) to look at smokers." ~ Tony E. (Rock Springs, AZ Contest - 01/29/11)  (He ended up buying a smoker and breaking it in properly THAT night!)

"I want to take the time to thank you for everything this weekend. I know both Cheri and I learned so much more than we thought we would. I am very proud to have met you and help you with this competition and the wins. I know I said it before we left, but if you find yourself in this neck of the woods, please feel free to give us a call, and if you need help in another competition, keep us in mind. Again, this weekend was a blast and I know all of us learned a lot and had even more fun. Thanks again, we will stay in touch." ~ Bob & Cheri S. (Rock Springs, AZ Contest - 01/29/11)

Depending on the contest, there are Only 4 - 10 Spots Available
for each of the limited number of
Competition BBQ Boot Camps Scheduled for 2012!

The 2009, '10 & '11 "In the Heat of Battle" Competition
BBQ Boot Camp


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